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4 Things That Shorten the Life of Your Carpet

1. Heavy Traffic

Over time, carpets can become worn, and foot traffic exacerbates this. This wear and tear is more common where people walk often (high traffic areas), so you will not notice it under the bed or other furniture. Instead, the wear is often near doors and down main hallways.

These areas often have soil, dirt, and other debris. Each time you walk over this area — with or without shoes — you may move the dirt or soil, causing it to damage the carpet fibers.

You have a few ways to slow the profession of wear and tear in high traffic areas. First, keep it clean by vacuuming frequently. Avoid wearing outside shoes, and rearrange your furniture occasionally to change the heavy traffic areas.

2. Pets

Pets and carpets do not always do well together. First, if your pet has dirty feet, they can add to the wear and tear. Of course, one of the biggest dangers for your carpet with pets is urine. While you should keep your pet from urinating inside, this is not always possible. So make sure you clean up any pet stains as soon as possible.

Pets also sometimes imbed their fur in the carpet, which can make the carpet look dirty. Vacuuming regularly is one of the best ways to remove animal hair. Finally, cats, in particular, can heavily damage your carpet by sharpening their nails. If you have a cat, make sure they have an alternative choice, such as a scratching post.

3. Stains

Pet accidents, coffee spills, or overturned wine glasses — stains can appear on your carpet in many ways. Without swift intervention, these stains can set in your carpet, causing discoloration, odors, and stiffness.

While household supplies and quick cleaning after the stain appears can help lessen the severity and look of the stain, professional cleaning is often necessary and highly recommended, especially for tough, older, or easily visible stains.

Professional carpet cleaning, especially with steam cleaners, can delve deep into the stain, which helps to break up the stain completely and leave a carpet cleaner and stain-free. You will no longer have to worry about unpleasant odors or discolored carpet.

4. Heavy Furniture

Heavy furniture can also cause complications if you try to move it improperly. Ideally, you should lift the entire piece of furniture off the carpet to move it. If you drag the furniture across the floor, it may snag the carpet. This can cause tears, but if it happens at the edge of the carpet or where two pieces of carpet meet, the force of the furniture may actually start to tear the carpet.

Once this happens, unless the problem is fixed, the carpet will often continue to become loose, especially if the other issues mentioned, like high foot traffic or pet stains, also happen.

Many people love the look of carpeted rooms. However, your carpets need routine maintenance for a quality look and a clean, healthy appearance. Not only should you keep your carpet well-vacuumed, but you should also consider routine professional cleaning.

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